Gluten free eggplant parmesan

Hot crispy gluten free eggplant parmesan topped with cheese and marinara

This recipe for gluten free eggplant parmesan is sure to be a hit in your house! The gluten free bread crumbs taste just as crispy as regular bread crumbs so your guests or family will never know the difference!

Ingredients – all ingredients are fresh unless otherwise noted

Eggplant (one large one)

Gluten free bread crumbs (1 ½ cups) you can buy these in the health store or try my simple recipe!

Maria’s marinara- or your favorite marinara sauce (1 ½ cups)

Basil (three tablespoons chopped fine)

Eggs (two)

Mozzerella cheese (8 oz shredded)

Parmesan cheese (1/4 cup)

Water (1/4 cup)

Oil (1 cup- preferably canola oil)

Salt and Pepper


Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Wash and dry your large eggplant and cut into ¼ slices widthwise and set aside.

In one bowl put the water, in another bowl put the two eggs in and wisk, and in the third bowl put your gluten free bread crumbs.

In a large saute pan heat up the oil on medium high heat. When oil is hot enough for frying (the trick to telling is throw a couple of drops of water in and if the water sizzles the oil is ready).

Take one piece of the eggplant and dip it in the bowl of water to get it damp. Next dip it in the wisked egg.

After dipping the eggplant in the egg dip it in the gluten free bread crumbs, making sure that the eggplant is coated with bread crumbs.

Next put the eggplant in the oil and fry for approx 1 minute on each side careful not to burn.

When the eggplant is done frying put it on a plate lined with papertowels to soak up the additional oil. Salt and pepper the fried eggplant to your liking and set aside.

Take a large cassarole pan (preferably glass- it cook more evenly) and spread ½ cup of the marinara sauce on the bottom.

Take a slice of eggplant and place it in the cassarole pan and top with one teaspoon of sauce, mozzerale cheese, parmesan cheese, and the chopped basil.

Line the whole bottom of the pan with eggplant and repeat above step.

Place a new slice of eggplant on top of the first layer and repeat the process of sauce, cheeses, and basil.

Cover pan with foil and bake on center rack for 28 minutes.

After 28 minutes remove foil and turn on broiler. Broil the eggplant for 2 minutes more- this step makes all the difference in the world, the eggplant and cheeses will be hot, crispy, and bubbly! Yummy!

After broiling take pan out of oven and let cool for two minutes before serving.

Slice and enjoy!

Gluten free eggplant parmesan Serves 6

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