Sample gluten free menu

Here is a sample gluten free menu to help guide you

Will I have to give up my favorite foods?

Following a gluten free diet means you will have to make a few adjustments. You can still have most of your favorite foods as you will see in the sample gluten free menu below. The transition should be fairly easy once you’ve adjusted to buying gluten free groceries.

Always carry you list of gluten free foods and list of foods containing gluten to be sure you are making a 100% gluten free choice.

Even if you have never cooked a gluten free meal before, you will be surprised at how easy the recipes and menu plan are. There are so many cookbooks and recipes available today in stores and online due to the growing celiac disease sufferers.

You may be wondering...

Is gluten free food shopping going to be more expensive?

Any time you shop for organic or gluten free food you will notice a bit of a difference in price. However you will notice that your grocery bill will wind up probably being about the same because you will be buying less food but food of a much better quality. Your gluten free food is going to make you feel full and you won't have that endless need to snack on empty calorie food.

Here's an example:

A bowl of Gluten Free Pasta contains approx 200 calories per serving and costs about $3.00 a box

A bowl of regular white flour pasta contains approx 210 calories and cost about $1.79 a box

The difference in price is about $1.20

One night for dinner eat the gluten free pasta and most likely you will be satisfied and full with one bowl. After you eat you will have energy to play with your children, take a walk after work and spend quality time with your spouse.

The following evening eat the regular white flour pasta and maybe your hunger will be satisfied after the second bowl? After eating and feeling full, bloated and tired get ready to plop down on the couch and watch the boob tube. After an hour or two you will probably be hungry again for another bowl of white flour pasta or an empty calorie snack only to keep up the vicious eating cycle that starts again when you wake up.

By following a gluten free menu plan you actually eat less.

Sample 3 day gluten free menu

Day 1


Coffee or tea


Gluten free bagel with cream cheese

Eggs prepared any way you like it




Grilled hamburger

French fries

Gluten free hamburger bun or gluten free bread


Ice Tea or Coffee


String Cheese



Oil and vinegar dressing

Salmon prepared with lemon and butter

Brown rice and vegetables


Gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Day 2


Glass of apple juice

Coffee or Tea

Cut up seasonal fresh fruit

Gluten free blueberry waffles



Coffee or tea




Gluten free bread

Bag of potato chips


Rice crispy treat



Raspberry vinaigrette

Sirloin steak

Baked or mashed potato


Ice Cream

Day 3


Coffee or tea

Hot cream of rice

Yogurt with fruit


Coffee or tea

Turkey breast (fresh carved)

Gluten free bread

Mustard or mayonnaise



Cole Slaw





Italian dressing

Gluten free pasta


Gluten free meatballs

Gluten free roll



Gluten free vanilla cake

It really is so easy!

You can see how simple the gluten free diet can be. You will never miss any of your favorite foods because you can still have them. Most grocery stores today are carrying many gluten free products. All it takes is a little label reading.

If your grocer does not yet have a gluten free line of products you could suggest to the store manager to consider ordering some because of the ever growing special diet needs.

You could also visit your local health food store where you can be guaranteed to find breads, pastas, snacks, desserts, and beer - all gluten free!

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