Gluten free pizza

Just because you have to follow a gluten free diet because of celiac disease or other health issues you can still enjoy hot, crispy pizza anytime! This is by far the best pizza recipe in my opinion because it is fast, easy and so delicious!

I really enjoy a thin pizza crust so this recipe is geared for thin crust lovers. Check out our recipe for a thicker gluten free crust if that’s what you crave!

Ingredients (all ingredients are fresh unless otherwise noted)

Food for life gluten free tortilla (most health food stores carry this in the frozen section or you can order it online)

Maria’s marinara or your favorite marinara sauce (1/4 cup)

Mozzarella cheese or a blend or Italian cheeses (1/3 cup)

Any of your favorite pizza toppings!


Turn your oven to broil setting and take one Food for life tortilla and broil it for 45 seconds (this step makes all the difference in the crispiness of the pizza)

Take tortilla out of broiler and spread the marinara sauce evenly over it.

Next, top with the cheese and your favorite toppings.

Put pizza back under the broiler for approx 3 minutes or until desired doneness.

Slice and enjoy!

Serves one

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