How to clean pesticides off fruits and vegetables

Have you ever wondered how to clean pesticides off fruits and vegetables?

Even though I strongly recommend buying ONLY organic produce sometimes it may not be available or maybe it’s not in your budget.

Our bodies don’t recognize pesticides when we consume that so ultimately what happens is you can not process the pesticides properly which may lead to many diseases and may EVEN be keeping your weight on!

Did you know coffee is the highest sprayed crop of all with pesticides?

I did not, so now I ONLY drink organic coffee. It doesn’t help much when you go out to a restaurant but if you are lucky and drive by a local Starbucks they usually have an organic blend brewing.

Directions how to clean pesticides off produce:

Put all fruit and vegetables in a colander. Put a larger bowl beneath the colander so that the fruits and veggies can soak.

Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the mix and one or two drops of dish washing detergent. Add lukewarm water and let soak for 20 minutes.

Rinse until no trace of soap and dry.

Keep in mind that this removes only approx 80 to 90% of the pesticides off the produce.

To ensure 100% pesticide free produce choose organic!

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