30 day raw food diet experiment

I decided to try a 30 day raw food diet experiment for a couple of reasons. Mainly because since the holiday season of 2011 I put on more than a few pounds and the other reason is I am desiring the mental clarity and focus I hear you can achieve going raw. I have seen overweight, depressed people who have gone 90-100% raw food diet and their lives have changed- literally! Its amazing how different one can look and feel when you have such vibrancy!

I know that by being strict on my gluten free diet that I can achieve my weight loss and energy goals and I think so far it’s the best diet in the world for me but something intrigues me about going raw.Delicious Organic Fruit

Some of my friends and co-workers are making comments like: what are you going to eat all day salads! I just smile and say I am entering in an exciting adventure full of new taste combinations and culinary experiences. Come join me on my experiment!>

As I write this page I am into my second day on a raw food diet.

Delicious Human Burger with Micro Greens

Getting what you want in life is all about visualization and focus. If you can visualize it and the desire, the want is strong enough, you will be led to whatever it is you are seeking.

I keep picturing myself just a little lighter, full of energy, and so clearly focused in both mind and body. I know I can do it and I am going to start on a 30 day raw food diet.

Follow me on my journey and check out my recipes that I will be adding on a daily basis!

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