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My name is Maria. I am originally from NJ, now living in beautiful Florida, loving each and every day of my life.

I am very passionate about eating a healthy, well balanced, gluten free diet because it makes me feel so amazing! Everyday I wake up and can not wait to get my day started. I never imagined having so much passion and zest for life as I do now. I was never really a “heavy person” until age 24 or so. I was at a point in my life where I was very unhappy and began using food as comfort. I went from 145 pounds to 206 pounds very quickly. I felt so tired and bloated all of the time. I felt disgusting and still kept on eating my way into a size 18.

I don’t really know why but I had always been in serious denial about my weight always telling myself that I didn’t look that bad. I kept fooling myself day after day that I would “start my diet tomorrow” or even worse go on some drastic commercial diet that made me feel even worse.

After eating a typical meal with white pasta or white bread I would literally want to lie down and take a nap after eating. I had no energy at all and had so much trouble focusing. I felt so foggy.

The Secret to Vibrant Energy

I never associated food with how you felt until I began to talk to my friend Michelle about my weight problem and lack of energy. I couldn’t understand how she managed to always have so much more energy than me and yet she is ten years older, has three kids and a very demanding full time job.

She explained to me that by eliminating gluten from my diet not only would my energy level soar but my weight would quickly come off. I would be able to have pizza, ice cream, burgers, and even drink beer!She told me how a few years ago she was 80 pounds overweight and when she cut the gluten out of her diet her energy level soared and the weight literally fell off! I wanted to hear more.

"How do I start?"

I began eliminating gluten from my diet very slowly. For example one week I would buy brown rice pasta and get myself adjusted to it (In my opinion it is very similar to traditional flour pasta). The following week I replaced the wheat bread with gluten free breads and bagels. I became a great label reader and learned really quickly what items have gluten in them like soy sauce or salad dressings.

After about a month eating gluten free I started really feeling drastic changes in my energy level. I actually began to want to do some exercise too! My clothes began to feel to loose and month and after month the pounds just kept melting off.

I went from 206 to 126 pounds when I changed to a gluten free diet

My weight loss didn't happen overnight though. It took about 18 months to lose 80 pounds (I put back on some to stay at my comfortable weight of 130 lbs) and before I knew it people were complimenting me like crazy always asking " What are you doing? You look great! "

Family members I hadn't seen in a few months didn't even recognize me at events. I have never felt better in my life. It was truly an amazing transformation.


Worried the gluten free diet is too difficult?

If I can do it anyone can. Being a bread and pasta lover my biggest worry was missing it. I now serve gluten free bread, gluten free pasta and dessert to my guests for dinner parties and they don't even know there is a difference!

I have made a very easy to follow gluten free diet plan and recipes for all of your favorite foods. The recipes are so simple, quick and easy, even for a busy schedule. I will show you how to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks all without gluten. You won't miss your old eating ways, I promise!

Are you ready to get started?

Step 1:

Its important before starting any diet to consult your physician. Set up an appointment and talk with your doctor to see if gluten free is right for you.

Step 2:

Educate yourself. Find out all about gluten and what foods you can eat and which foods you need to avoid.Thats it!

Why I wrote this web site

Many people ask me why I give away my gluten free diet information for free. The answer is simple. I want to let people know that they really can live a life filled with so much passion and energy just by a few simple changes to your diet.I never knew I could feel this good. I hold the key to vibrant health and energy and I want to share it with everyone with this web site.

I’m not really savy with html and Css programming so I wanted an easy site with a "building block" approach to building a web site. I did a lot of research and used a host called Solo Build It. It is completely for beginners and takes you through the process of building a profitable web site step by step.

Yes, you did read profitable. Although all of the information on this site is completely free, Solo Build It actually shows me how to make an amazing income with Google Ads and other affiliate programs.

An Amazing Success Story

You don’t have to have any experience to build a web site using Solo Build It. Just check out Elad’s video below. He was brand new to web site building and began earning $2,000 per month after only six months.

Click on Elad’s inspirational story

You have nothing to lose!

Even if you have only 30 minutes twice a week you should give it a try. You can really write about anything like your favorite hobby, snorkeling, dog walking, acne, cutting hair, landscaping, anything that interests you or anything that you want to learn more about!

Solo Build It is completely risk free and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I would never recommend something that I firmly didn’t believe in and spend my own hard earned dollars on and that’s the truth!

Give Solo Build It a try when you are ready to share your knowledge with the world!

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