Gluten Free Pasta

Do you ever wonder into the store and wonder what gluten free pasta to buy? In some health food stores there are at least five different varieties and then in some stores there are one to none of it on the shelf.

Since pasta without gluten can be quite a bit pricer than your regular flour and water crap you want to make sure its going to be good. I can tell you from experience that quinoa pasta is absolutely so good- it tastes so light and yet fulfills your desire for pasta and the best part of all is that you don’t feel like a ton of bricks after you eat it and just want to go to bed. So quinoa pasta is a sure favorite of mine if I can get it, problem is its almost $4 for 8oz of it- cheapo crappy pasta is usually $1.49 for 16oz! You can be looking at spending $8 bucks on a pound of pasta. But you know what I say, “well worth it!”

I would rather feel like dynamite during my day than like crap!

Another gluten free pasta that is delightful and does not cut too badly into the wallet is brown rice pasta. Some brands can tend to be a little “gooey” and but I have one particular favorite- if you can get this brand, you will be the dinner time hero at home!

Your family will thank the way they feel. You will see such a difference in your energy level, you will think clear, just by making a few simple changes in your life. One small change like eating gluten fee pasta instead of pure sludge will increase your senses.

Take it from me, I don’t go back to regular pasta at all. I used to cheat now and then but believe me the way I felt after I ate it was not worth it. Especially after a few years on gluten free pasta. My body didn’t know what had hit when I cheated at the Italian restaurant down the street! I noticed an awful change in my bowls, my puffiness and bloat. Now to stay good on my diet I just remember how awful the regular pasta made me feel and now I only eat pasta without gluten.

Trust me if I can do it, anyone can. I have stuck with this now for years and I can’t tell you what a dynamic change it has made in my life!

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