Gluten free baking

Gluten free baking is easy! You don’t have to say goodbye to cakes, cookies, brownies or muffins just because you are on a gluten free diet. Baking gluten free can taste just as good with many of the gluten free flours, meals, and starches and you will never miss the old white flour again. Try a gluten free dessert recipe today!

You will have to approach baking gluten free with an open mind and a little patience. Baking this way you will find is a little bit different than traditional baking. Whether you prefer baking from scratch or a prepackaged mix you will be able to please even the biggest pastry connoisseur with your new skills.

Many supermarkets today have a small gluten free section now because of the ever growing Celiac disease and need for a gluten free diet or a gluten free casein free diet.

If you can’t find an item you are looking for ask your grocer if the store can order it for you. Many grocers are more than happy to take customer suggestions.

If you find you are out of luck on your gluten free baking ingredient search at the supermarket try shopping online. This is a quick, convenient way to get all of your favorite gluten free foods shipped right to your door.

What ingredients are used in gluten free baking?

Baking gluten free uses a variety of different flours combined to achieve the desired result. The majority of gluten free baked goods are made with rice flour combined with potato flour and tapioca starch. These ingredients create a blend that is very similar to the consistency of white flour with just about the same result.

Most gluten free flours are used in different ratios when either baking from scratch or from a prepackaged mix. If you need to follow a gluten free diet it is a good idea to keep a few gluten free flours on hand.

Gluten free flours come in a variety of rice, nuts, grains, seeds, and beans. Each flour has its own unique quality ranging from smell, taste, feel, consistency and level of nutrition. You will also find that each gluten free flour has its own baking performance.

What is the best flour to use when baking gluten free?

In the beginning you will want to use rice flour as I did for your baking. Its okay for baking, but actually I prefer rice flour for frying. I recommend sampling some of the gluten free flour blends and you will notice the different tastes and textures will make your cakes and cookies more fluffy with a flour blend. Rice flour can make baked goods, especially cookies, flat and crumbly. You will soon learn what flours work best for your tastes and needs.

When you substitute gluten free flour for wheat flour you will usually get the best results when you use recipes that only call for a small percentage of flour. This is because gluten free flours generally absorb more water than traditional flour and lack the typical appearance and texture of baked goods with wheat flour. Don’t worry, once you practice and get the knack of gluten free baking I doubt anyone will be able to tell the difference!

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