Gluten free appetizers

Need ideas for appetizers that have no gluten?

Gluten free appetizers don’t have difficult to make. You can still have mozzarella cheese sticks (with yummy gluten free bread crumbs) or stuffed mushrooms and no one will be able to tell the difference!

I absolutely love to entertain at my home and I especially love cocktail/ appetizer parties. This is a great way to entertain my friends and family without the "formality" of a sit down dinner. By now everybody I know knows that I follow a gluten free diet most of the time so they expect gluten free food when coming to my home.

I love the reactions on my guest’s faces when they are raving about the yummy appetizers that I make. Most people don’t realize until they try it that eating gluten free can be just as delicious as anything they have known. It just takes a little time to get adjusted to a new diet or lifestyle but once you do you will reap rewards beyond your wildest imagination. ENERGY!

I have made an assortment of delicious appetizers (all without gluten) that most are just so easy to make that you can have time to actually enjoy your guests! You and your friends will not miss the gluten either I promise!

As always any readers please feel free to submit your favorite gluten free recipe. We will put it on our web site and you will be helping so many people with Celiac disease and gluten intolerance!

If you have a diet/health related web site and have enjoyed my work the best thank you in the world would be to link to me!

Gluten free jalapeno appetizers

Gluten free sausage stuffed mushrooms appetizers

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