How to lose weight on a gluten free diet

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Many people ask me “How can I lose weight on a gluten free diet?”.

How to lose weight on a gluten free diet finally explained.

Losing weight on a gluten free diet is more than simply just eliminating gluten from your diet. First and foremost I want to be clear on that. I really do wish I could tell everyone that all you would have to do is buy gluten free food and eat gluten free food and you would be skinny. It is simply not the case…

Although many people do notice that they begin to not only lose weight on a gluten free diet, but your energy level skyrockets! With that new found energy usually comes a new desire to start bike riding, walking, skating, or just simply taking the stairs instead of an elevator. Basically what I’m saying here is the simple concept of energy in equals energy out comes into play when one cleans up their diet by eliminating gluten.

When readers ask me how to lose weight on a gluten free diet most effectively I simply explain that you will need to make a few adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. Each step should be done very slowly. The reason for a slow transition is because a new habit takes usually 21 days to form. Every step in your new diet and lifestyle needs to be done for approximately 3 to 4 weeks before proceeding to the next step.

I have simplified the four easy steps below explaining how to lose weight on a gluten free diet as a starting guideline for everyone. In my much anticipated upcoming e-book each step is explained in such detail, showing you exactly what brand name foods will maximize your weight loss, what time of the day to eat each different food (YES- this does matter- it is so important!), EXACTLY what to do at parties or special events,and the lazy person’s workout guide to getting a “hot body” !

10% of profits will be donated in your name to the charity of your choice! Check back in February 2010 for that!

Are you ready for the steps to start losing weight effectively? As always check with your doctor before going on any new diet or lifestyle change!

How to lose weight on a gluten free diet:

Step 1

* Eliminate gluten from everything you eat - remember to check all labels carefully! Try a new gluten free recipe to get going!

Step 2

* Dramatically reduce your sugar intake.

By saying this I do not mean natural fruits. Take this step day by day. Read the back of everything and reduce your sugar intake a little each day. For desired sweetness try honey or agave syrup!

Step 3

* Eliminate ALL artificial sweeteners from your diet.

You will want to do this step slowly as well because many people suffer headaches once they get rid of all artificial sweeteners, if they do it cold turkey. Again with this one read everything. A complete list of the sweeteners you need to avoid can be found in my book. You can replace the artificial sweeteners with honey, agave syrup, stevia, etc.

Step 4

* Reduce your alcohol intake

Some people have told me, “Maria there is just no way I can do that ” Remember YOU CAN DO whatever your mind makes up to do. Years ago after working all day I would like to have a couple of drinks after work and on the weekends and I just kept getting bigger and bigger. Now I still have a drink a day and splurge on the weekend, Hey- I’m not perfect- that’s why this diet is the BEST- You don’t have to be perfect! You can check out the book and you will find just what alcohols will make you fat and what ones you can enjoy while still losing weight.

Follow the four easy steps!

If you follow these four simple steps you will notice your clothes become loser and the numbers on the scale go down. Remember to give each step at least 3 to 4 weeks before proceeding onto the next one. If done properly you will have lost a good amount of weight in 3 ½ to 4 months. To give an extra boost to your diet you may want to do a cleanse with foods like spirulina, etc- but be sure to check with your doctor!

So there it is, how to lose weight on a gluten free diet explained the easy way!

Take a before picture on the day your start and some pictures along the way. You don’t have to show them to anyone- it can be just be for your eyes only and you will be amazing at the new person that emerges in such a short time!


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