Gluten free casein free diet

Lately the gluten free casein free diet has grown tremendously in popularity. Many doctors are recommending eliminating both gluten and casein for autistic patients.

Many parents state that their autistic child shows great improvement of symptoms when following a a diet with no gluten or casein diet. Children with autism may have allergies or sensitivity to some foods, especially foods containing gluten and casein.

Casein has been linked to many negative effects in children with autism. An autistic child can not process gluten and casein properly which may lead to autistic symptoms. The intent of the diet is to reduce symptoms and improve behavior.

The gluten free casein free diet is still under research and many parents really wonder if the diet will make a difference in their autistic child’s behavior. The best advice can be given by your doctor.

What is casein?

Many non dairy foods and soy cheese also contain casein. The protein is used a binding agent and contains phosphoproteins, which are a collection of proteins containing phosphoric acid.

There are two types of casein: technical and edible. Technical casein is used a many things like paint, glue and cosmetics. Edible casein as you may have guessed is used in food and medicine. Edible casein is used for nutritional value and also as a food binder.

Many people link their allergy to casein with milk. Although milk does contain casein it is found in so many other foods usually hidden amoungst the ingredients. For example even though a product may be labeled lactose free it could still contain casein if the product has soy. Many soy cheeses and spreads contain milk derived casein so that the cheese “melts” just like a dairy cheese.

If you want to avoid casein make sure it is 100% dairy free.

Following a gluten free casein free diet is going to take a lot of dedication and label reading. You will not only need to avoid gluten and wheat, but all dairy as well. Since you will be restricted of all dairy products you will need to make sure your diet has good sources of calcium and vitamin D. These are necessary for strong bones and healthy teeth.

Discuss your diet carefully with your doctor or dietician and make sure you are getting all of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs. He or she can tailor your diet properly to your health needs.

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