Diet for celiac disease

If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease you will have to follow a diet for celiac disease otherwise known as a gluten free diet. Patients who have celiac disease can not tolerate the protein gluten. Be sure to print up your list of gluten free foods and list of foods containing gluten. Be careful what you buy at the grocery store and when you are dining out. You may also want to work with a dietitian on your diet for celiac disease.

You will need to avoid:

  • Wheat
  • Rye
  • Barley
  • Most oats

You will have to stick to your gluten free diet for life, because even a small amount of gluten can damage your intestines. Don’t worry its really easy and you will still be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods prepared with out gluten!

By avoiding gluten and following your celiac disease diet strictly your intestines will be allowed to heal and you will be preventing further damage.

Become a label reader

Make sure there are no ingredients that contain wheat or a derivative of it. Watch out for gravies, salad dressings, soy sauces, casseroles, bread crumbs, cold cuts, beer- unless of course its gluten free beer.

Plan ahead when going to parties or out to eat

You will be able to stick to your diet for celiac disease if you plan. If you are going to a function and are not sure of the menu bring a few gluten free snacks just in case or possibly bring a dish that you can eat and share with others. You’d be surprised what conversation strikes up when you tell people they are eating a gluten free dish!

Call the restaurant or food service manager and ask if there is a gluten free menu available or see if you may be able to request a special dish.

Gluten free foods are great- you won’t know the difference!

You won’t feel deprived on your celiac disease diet for sure. Many groceries stores today have at least a small section of gluten free foods due to the rise of celiac disease in Americans. Check around in the bakery section, you may be surprised to find a gluten free muffin just waiting for your cup of coffee!

I use gluten free alternatives for all my favorite foods. Try substituting corn for wheat or brown rice flour for white flour. You can even find gluten free bread crumbs for frying that are super delicious!

The gluten free diet will give you a whole new outlook on eating. You may find a gluten free support group helpful or an online gluten free blog for more tips and advice on eating gluten free.

Despite the few restrictions on your celiac disease diet you will be able to eat a variety of foods. It’s important to follow a well balanced diet and be sure you are getting the proper nutrients. When in doubt if the food item has gluten in it don’t risk possibly eating gluten because even a small trace of it can cause havoc on your intestines.

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