Gluten free weight loss

Have you gained some weight back and need some tips for weight loss?

Gluten free weight loss can really be so easy but once you go off the diet for an extended period of time like I did, the pounds can creep back on.

You will have to realize that sometimes at holiday times, birthdays or even when you are under stress you will want to cheat on the diet. Remember you are only human and don’t beat yourself up!

To get to my set point weight, the weight my body feels best at I eat five to six micro meals a day. Things like fruit, hard boiled eggs, tuna salad, quinoa salad, lean protein, brown rice, and gluten free desserts.

The weight loss really all depends on one person, YOU. The more you stick to it, the better you will feel.

When you go off your non gluten diet it may be fun for the moment but when you wake up in the morning you will have to deal with hunger pangs and cravings that you worked so hard to get rid of. Your body will be thrown off and it will take some dedication to get back on it.

Try some simple gluten free recipes to start your weight loss program!

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